Celebrating our Anniversary, Gay Engagement and Update!


How wonderful to celebrate our second wedding anniversary in NYC! It is even more wonderful that New York has legalized same sex marriage, and that lesbians and gay men can now marry. Our friends Juan and William know this now too… the excitement of their recent engagement is palatable.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating our Anniversary, Gay Engagement and Update!”

  1. this is the best blog/site ever. I love the news items and updates here and I definitely didn’t know about Jillian Michaels. Linda and Maike are not only passionate about gay marriage (well of course :-}}}), but they help me see what’s going on in the world regarding all things gay and love and this inspires me. I cannot wait for my next relationship. :-}}}

  2. What inspires me about “twowomenandawedding” is its constant spirit of celebration. I watched Linda and Maike’s wedding video two years ago as well as their recent anniversary celebration to NYC and once again I am struck by the loving joyful nature they share with each other, their friends and with all of us. It’s important for the gay community, both young and old, to see loving, vibrant, commited same sex marriages aspiring and inspiring in ways that help others to create their own sacred marriages.
    Thank you for letting me peer through the window of your life to see the possibilities that await me.

  3. What a beautiful update, ladies. Your love is so inspiring and stunning. And your story is one for the fairytale record books!!! xxoo

  4. You are so cute and look so beautiful together. Still as wonderful as two years ago. I remember Linda asking everybody at the wedding to keep reminding them of their vows, well, what a wonderful way to keep your vows alive by updating this wonderful website and sharing your joy with the ones you love. Thank you! Big kisses

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