Walking down the aisle

Our Lesbian Wedding – Legal in Amsterdam!

What a magical day! We are happy and proud to share one of the most extraordinary experiences both of us have ever had. When Oprah said what she did in her interview with Ricky Martin on November 2, 2010 (watch the video to see), coupled with the unabashed acceptance of the Netherlands, it inspired us to take our love to another level of visibility. So here we are world! From love, with love, to you. XO

17 thoughts on “Our Lesbian Wedding – Legal in Amsterdam!”

  1. Brenda van Loenen

    Heeey!! You 2 Ladies!!

    I just saw your foto album! Very beautyfully done!! 😀 I can see that you both had a amazing day enjoying it with your friends and loved ones.
    You ladies give the rest of us hope 🙂 That it is possible to find the right person and to be happy together!

    Lots of love, carring, fun, qrazyness, hope and peace! I wish for the both you.


  2. Palma Cittadella

    WOW! Linda and Maike your album brought tears to my eyes…which does not happen very often! the love, joy and happiness to be in each others life and presence just oozes out from the pictures and went straight to my heart. thank you for sharing this, looking forward to more and hopefully very soon a life meeting in amsterdam…

    beijos illuminados to both of you xxx Palma

    1. Oh Palma, thank you for your loving support! You are such a gift. Yes to meeting in person in Amsterdam!

  3. Kerri Schuyler

    I love it all! Beautiful video, awesome song and unbelievable story. Finally I get to hear it. :-). I can’t tell you how happy I was to first read that your mom got to meet Maike and then to see a picture of her. For the brief time that I had the chances to enjoy the stories and times with her and Mike at the good ‘ol Carillon Wellness Center, I will remember the happiness and light they brought to my life forever. Such a strong and loving woman. One of those lights they brought to me was You! 🙂 miss ya tons and can’t wait to visit you both (and to meet your beautiful new wife). Great blog!

    1. Kerri… oh how I adore you! Thank you so much for your loving message. I love your beautiful spirit and can’t help but smile whenever I think of our times together. I am grateful that you met my mom and Mike… that means so much. Our home is open to you and your wonderful husband, who I also can’t wait to meet!

  4. Pang Siu Mei

    Maike is beautiful and you look absolutely radiant !

    I watched it twice. Just now again with Nathaly who wanted me to tell you “I miss you Auntie Linda”. Really enjoyed watching it – love all the pictures & the song. I feel like we had just been there to share the special day with you. The venue was in a park ? Lovely. I love how the photos captured the tender moments – Maike’s legs out of the car, Jamie wiping your face, all the hugs, the tears.

    Thank you for sharing ! We miss you.

    1. Hi Mei… thank you so much! Yes, it was held on the terrace of the Film Museum in Vondelpark, which reminds me of a little Central Park. Beautiful place.

      Re the photos… our photographer, Tertius Xavier van Oosthuyzen, was extraordinary… we are very thankful.
      Big hug to my favorite dancer Nathaly…
      Love and miss you too,

  5. Whoeeeeehoeeeeeeee!!!

    Congratulations Maike and Linda!!!!!

    I’m a bit late with it, but Maike knows now after a lovely phonecall, I lost all phonenumbers and so on eheheh.

    You two look sooooo awesome and sooooo pretty!!! I told Maike by the look of it, the romance and love is all around you and you two have this radiant, so beautiful!

    I want to say to you Linda, welcome in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam! I wish for you and for Maike many many good times here and happiness!

    To bad I couldn’t come to the wedding, but well…now I can take a bit of my share here on this web side eheheh. Its looking great by the way! Maike told me all about your plans, so keep it up woman!

    Perhaps in time we will meet, but for now I only can say is whoeeeeeehoeeeeeee and cheers and so on ehehehe.
    I’m sooooo happy for the two of you!!!

    And thank you for sharing this!!!

    with love,


    1. Nies, thank you so much for your beautiful comments. Looking forward to meeting you one day!

      Much love,

  6. Well, you and you both deserve it! I hope it will inspire many, many other people to keep up this good feeling!

    Love is always around in many ways!

    We’ll keep in touch!



  7. Katie Ruston

    You two are a beautiful couple and your special love for eachother shows so much through the smiles in each picture. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart to see how happy you two are together. Don’t forget to keep smiling, it looks great on you both. Best wishes, xo

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