I once had a spiritual teacher who often talked about the power and magic of beginnings and endings… and how it is so important to do them both really well. I will forever be grateful for his expanding my awareness in this way.

Weddings are extraordinary events. And a same sex marriage, a legal one at that, is profound. A super powerful beginning. Maike and I learned a lot from our wedding, and both of us were so surprised to learn just how much isn’t talked about in the various blogs, books and with wedding planners. So, it is my heartfelt commitment to share content in a similar yet different light, wedding tips that will contribute to you in ways you can’t imagine – either in this blog, on Facebook, Twitter, through others comments or through products.

My desire is
to inspire,
share different ways to think about your wedding
after, and,
take some stress off,
and add pleasure in.
give you great ideas so you can expand your possibilities
and make your love last
long after your day.

I intend to post every few days, and if all goes well, in the next week or so I will have a very juicy surprise for those who provide your name and email address in the “Stay in Touch” section above.

Let us know what you think… Like us if you Like us… and comment if this resonates with you.

Let’s create something really special together, a refuge of beauty, really useful content and gobs of inspiration.

Big Love,